Over a thousand sign-ups – Future Sustainable Workplaces attracts audiences

An interesting topic, a jam-packed agenda, and big names have already drawn more than a thousand people to sign up for the English-language online event. On Wednesday, March 17th, the Future Cleantech Solutions project sets the focus on sustainable workplaces – and you can still join.

FCS panel
The event is organized by the Future Cleantech Solutions project.

One hour and 15 minutes of high-quality content are in store, starred by top politicians and industry leaders from Wärtsilä, Boliden Kokkola, Northvolt, Komatsu Forest, and Moomin Characters. Keeping it all together is Annakarin Nyberg, an experienced moderator.

”This will not be an ordinary seminar with dry presentations, but a rewarding conversation about sustainability from economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable perspectives,” says Triinu Varblane, Finnish project manager for Future Cleantech Solutions.

Who is it for?

Most of the activities under the Future Cleantech Solutions project are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. This also applies here, but in an even wider sense.

”Sustainable workplaces are important to SMEs, but representatives of large companies and other organizations also have a lot to gain from participating,” says Peter Hedman, overall project manager for Future Cleantech Solutions.

The target group includes both men and women, and the organizers hope for a 50-50 distribution.

”We naturally associate sustainability with gender equality,” says Reija Harlamow, who represents the Kokkola Region Development Company KOSEK with an active role in the project.

The gender equality aspect is present even in the event itself, as it features the first-ever award for Gender Equality Company of the Year in Ostrobothnia. The award is given by the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia as well as regional development companies and entrepreneur organizations.

”Future Cleantech Solutions is a business project, but the movement for gender equality is closely linked to the business community, for example in connection to the issue of how to attract and retain skilled workers,” says Triinu Varblane, who in addition to the project represents Technology Centre Merinova.

Who will be there?

The organizers emphasize working across borders, which the list of speakers makes clear.

There are several big names from both Finland and Sweden, such as Annele Heikkilä from Boliden Kokkola, Hannu Mäntymaa from Wärtsilä Finland, Katarina Borstedt from Northvolt, Martin Ärlestig from Komatsu Forest and Roleff Kråkström from Moomin Characters.

Representing the political field are Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality Thomas Blomqvist and EU Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen.

These leaders share what their organizations are doing and other concrete things that the participants can benefit from.

How can I join?

The English-language webinar is completely free of charge, but participants are required to sign up in advance. The easiest way to guarantee yourself a spot is to sign up now.

In addition to the jam-packed agenda, participants are promised a graphical surprise, something exciting that happens during the webinar. The event is part of the EnergyVaasa Talks seminars.

Future Cleantech Solutions is financed by the EU program Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, Region Västerbotten, Region Västernorrland, Technology Centre Merinova, Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, City of Vaasa, Kokkola Region Development Company KOSEK, City of Kokkola, Municipality of Umeå, Municipality of Örnsköldsvik, Municipality of Skellefteå, Umeå Energi and Skellefteå Kraft.

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